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Bespoke Landscape Architecture

+ Environmental Graphic Design

We aspired to be an industry disruptor; thus our design solutions are not limited to landscape architecture -- we work with clients who appreciate our candor and creativity while extending our influence as we work closely with professionals in fields such as architecture and interior design. 


S33 provides the following professional services to cater to the demand of the industry  :


       Landscape Architecture Consultancy Services

  • Regional & Township Master planning

  • Environmental & Ecological -  Studies & Management

  • Urban Studies & Management

  • Landscape Architecture Design for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Parks, Communities, Hotels & Resorts

  • Environmental Graphic Design

  • Product Design


       by  M D M K  division

  • Event Art design for both private & public functions

  • Avant grade / radical / provocative designs & artworks

  • Environmental Graphic Design


We push the envelope by experimenting with different design languages, materials and objects.  We believe that the unlimited choices of construction material; both traditional and unconventional, heralds a new era of endless design possibilities. We take pride in innovating interesting spaces and raising their level to those deserving of artistic merit while taking great lengths to ensure our designs stay responsive to the environment and the commercial viability of any brief.

We elevate projects by turning them into works of art.

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